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Desktop TDP Far Infrared lamp

Desktop TDP Far Infrared lamp



TDP Far infrared lamp- dual head

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Two digital TDP lamps on one five legs base!
  • the two lamps work independently
  • allows treatment on two different areas of the body simultaneously

    Features of TDP lamps:
    Second Generation TDP Lamp with Upgraded Timer design, Microcomputer Processor, Digital & Liquid Crystal Display, Accumulative Memory Timing.
    The Timer will add, counts and calculate Accumulative Usage Time of the Lamp and inform when to replace the Mineral Plate (changing the Mineral Plate needed when it has been used for 1000 hours and Potency is low).
    Using TDP Mineral Lamp with Potent Mineral Plate will improve the Therapeutic Effect of the TDP Mineral Lamp. Also the Timer has Extended Treatment Timing Range Setting 5 min. up to 95 min. Also Screen added to protect the Mineral Plate from damage and Prevent Burn Injury.
    The Electric System Protection: Circuit Board, LCD Digital Display Timer, Heater and Mineral Plate Protected with TOTAL OF TWO FUSES 3amps each, located in the fuse box (ALL OTHER LAMPS HAS ONE FUSE ONLY). Five Legs Base for firm stability (ALL OTHER LAMPS HAS FOUR LEGS BASE) The Lamps ""Crane Neck"" system support pneumatic, improved, so it will support any position include horizontal.

    TDP features a Oversized MAGNETIC Black Coat Mineral Formation PLATE, coated with a proprietary MINERAL FORMATION consisting of 33 elements IMPORTANT FOR HUMAN BODY. And its Far Infrared Ray ranges from 2-25 microns and 28-34 mw/ in intensity ""FIM Energizer"" looks like a lamp, but does not deliver any visible light but Far infrared Rays, 33 Elements Mineral Formation. The TDP Lamp has CE certificate