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Becu. P - LASER BIOSTIMULATION (in inglese)

Becu. P - LASER BIOSTIMULATION (in inglese)

PREMIO 30 -  Soft Laser terapeutico + base appoggio in omaggio

PREMIO 30 - Soft Laser terapeutico + base appoggio in omaggio

Sedatelec PREMIO 32 EVO- Therapeutic Soft Laser

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New 2022 version of the Premio 32 soft laser: higher perak power (now 100 W) allows to deliver 2,5 J/30 s

Soft Laser for bio stimulation used in Physiotherapy, Sport Medicine, Lasertherapy, local applications

Stimulate the natural properties of cells by local applications:

  • Analgesia
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Universal programme
And individual choice of Nogier frequencies*

Antalgic: This anti - pain program (frequencies E and G) reduces the transmission of pain to the central nervous system. The local action on the inflammatory process enhanced the sensitivity of the patient and the quality of local reaction.

Tissue Regeneration: This program (frequencies A, B and F) accelerates the reconstruction of the tissue , the cell functions and restore processes for accelerated regeneration and scarring both on the surface as in the depth.

Muscle relaxation: This program (frequencies C , D and G) promotes relaxation , emotions and spirit .

Universal program: Run the program Nogier frequencies AG: Alternate emissions of all Nogier frequencies ( frequencies A , B , C, D , E, F and G).

All 7 Nogier frequencies can be selected individually. Each frequency acts on a specific physiological function.

Short treatment time : 30 seconds to 1 minute

Wavelenghth:  905 nm
Peak power: 100 W - it can be reduced to 15 W, with special power reducer nozzle
Recharghable battery up to 10 h usage autonomy.

Supplied with:

Premio 32 laser A - G program

Specific laser key

Test laser box

Protective goggles

Instruction manual

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