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PREMIO 10 moxa Sedatelec

In stock



Premio 10 moxa


Heat is locally applied using infrared radiation with a 'moxa-like' spectrum. Thereby the sensations and results of the traditional moxibustion is created with no smoke, no ash and no odor.


"Thermic Needle " Effect:
With the Concentrateur focus on a point to achieve your action of tonification or dispersion.

Auricular therapy:
You treat accurately a point or an area in a few seconds. Stimulate other receptors using this original and secure technique.

Trigger points, Local treatments:
Apply a penetrating heat precisely on trigger points, or on a painful area, relieving stiffness. Take advantage of all the benefits of medium and long infrared, for muscle and joints chronic disorders.


NOW Delivered with a rigid plastic carry case


Thermal protection: stops automatically if overheating.
Automatic shutdown: after 10 minutes.
Power supply: 110-240V ~ /50-60Hz.
Size of handpiece: 18 mm x 25 mm
Total weight: 220 g
Operating conditions: between 0 degree C and 40 degree C, humidity less than 70%